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Artgeological Painting Show of Mt Dabie by Kang Yu-yi


Invited by Prof Zhang Jie, vice-director of Country Resource and Tourism Department, Nanjing University, I was delighted to visit Mt Dabie for one more time. Because the time for travel was spared from teaching, we had to select main points. We drived from Liuan City directly to Tiantang Village, inspected Tiantang Village - Baimajian region particularly, also inspected around the route through Huoshan County and Jingzhai County out and home. I got more than 1000 pieces of landscape material during a week's field work. After return, I spent more than 4 months conceiving and painting with great concentration, and got 80 pieces of painting. Now I select 50 pieces from those, and share with you, friend all over the world.

From the viewpoint of geological structure, the Tiantang Village - Baimajian region belongs to the Mt Dabie deep huge rupture and upheaval region's core, it's massif mainly consists of late Archeozoic metamorphic complex rock and Mesozoic Yanshan granite of Mt Dabie, their ages differ by 2.3 billion, it may be called young - old in one home. The dominant peak Baimajian's elevation is 1774 m; the second peak Tiantang Village, 1729.13 m. Here is mainly characterized by touring massif, steep hillside, dense forest and complex geological structure, majestic, precipitous, charming and elegant, called as "The first pass of southeast Wu and Chu" from long ago.

Entertained fervidly by the Travel Bureau of Liuan City, which assigned us special car for field use, and also entertained by Jinzhai Travel Bureau, Huoshan County Travel Bureau and Tiantan Town Government, I am so grateful!


Kang Yu-yi, the Double Ninth Festival, 2008

Sunrise at Mt Dabie 68*45cm

Grand Peak Baima 68*68cm

Baimajian Canyon 68*68cm

Lofty and Precipitous Mt Dabie 68*68cm

Spring blazes Mt Dabie with colors 68*45cm

Spring blazes Mt Dabie with Yellow Rape 68*68cm

Spring Rain of Mt Dabie 68*45cm

Tiantang Town, Hinterland of Mt Dabie 68*68cm

Grand Mt Dabie 68*45cm

Beautiful Metamorphics and Fresh Green Tiantang Brook 968*68cm

Morning of Mt Dabie 68*68cm

A Village in Mt Dabie 68*45cm

Night at Mt Dabie 68*68cm

Paradise of Mt Dabie, Nice Like Qiongzhou 67*45cm

Morning Mist of Mt Duoyun 68*45cm

The Fozi Mountain 68*45cm

Residence in Fozi Mountain 68*68cm

Sleeping Beauty of Mt Huo 68*68cm

Listen to the Precipice 68*68cm

Longjing River Canyon 68*45cm

Longjing Waterfall from Heaven 68*68cm

Mozitan Reservoir 68*45cm

Waterfall in Dancing Wind 68*68cm

Green Mountain and Champaign beside River 68*45cm

Endless Mountain, Endless Passion for Dabie 67*45cm

Road to Heaven 45*68cm

Precipice in Tiantang 68*68cm

Tiantang Cliffs towards Sky 68*68cm

Beautiful Tianang Scenery in Mist 68*68cm

Tiantang Village Canyon 68*68cm

Tiantang Village 68*45cm

Moon at Tiantang 68*68cm

Spring at Tiantang Village 68*45cm

Endless Water from Heaven 68*68cm

Tiantang in Mist 68*68cm

Old Cane in Canyon 68*68cm

Yanzi River 68*45cm

Scenery beside Yanzi River 68*68cm

Eagles over Tiantang Village 68*68cm

Level Cloud Cutting Mountain Beautifies Mt Dabie 68*45cm

Yellow Rape in Dabie Village 68*45cm

Village in Dabie Mountain 68*68cm

Morning of Mt Dabie 136*41cm

Charm of Mt Dabie 68*68cm

Fozi Mountain in Rain and Wind 68*45cm

Alp and Ravine of Mt Dabie 45*68cm

Nimbus Monkey Faceup to Sky 45*68cm

Manshui River 45*68cm

Residence in Mozitan 45*68cm

Spring Pi River 68*83cm


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