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Report on Our First AIDS Case's Progress ( Updated 2006-1-9 )

Rescued a young man bleeding to death for leukaemia, a dying old lady of heart failure, a man in unidentified shock.
Healed a lady of leucoderma within 1 year.
Cured many bad Dentalgia, always within 30 min.
Cured many cases of Flu within 2 days.
Cured many cases of Dyspepsia, Dysuria, Coprostasis, Hypoglycemia, Enteritis, Dysentery, Gastritis, Gastroduodenitis, Gastroptosis, Anemia, Otitis, Nephrolith, Cholecystitis, Nephritis, Arthritis, Neurosis, Otohemineurasthenia, Dysgenesia, Thermoplegia, Rhinitis, Diarrhea, Cervical-spondylopathy, Hematuria, Dysmenorrhea and so on, easily and rapidly.
Always conjured up unexpected curative effects in treatment of Hyperglycemia, Hemiplegia, Hemicrania, Hepatitis B, Hepatocirrhosis, Hyperthyroidism, Cardiopath and so on.

Please note that, all these cases above were treated by acupuncture, moxibustion and herb purely, which harmless, natural and secure. In fact, when they came to us, I always required these patients to cease other medicine and treatment.

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